The Xap Control Center site contains functionality and user interface features that require certain browsers to operate. If the browser you are using was identified as one that is not supported, that means that it lacked certain capabilities of which this site takes advantage.

Please note that the requirements of this site are not the same as the student sites. Mentor sites and admission applications have substantially lower requirements because it is our goal to provide as much access as possible to students.

For this site, we support most of the recent browsers on several platforms. Our statistics show that approximately 95% of our users have browsers that fit the compatibility profile and we would be forced to take certain features and capabilities away in order to reduce the browser requirements. We want to offer all of our users the best, most intuitive, and most functional site possible. As such, we hope you will consider upgrading or switching browsers.

There are many free, supported web browsers and upgrading to one of them is a relatively fast and easy process. If you have concerns or questions about upgrading, please contact your Client Services Manager for help.